Tips To Make Your Home More Homey

Simple changes can make your home feel very homey.

Our home is the mirror of who we are. The way we keep our home reflects a lot on our own lifestyle. Making our homes feel and look homey does not require whole lot of money as some minor changes can make all the difference.

In fact, I have seen homes adorned with the most expensive decorations and yet, still end up looking really cheap. This is because the homeowner failed to create a theme for decorating their home.

In fact, I have seen homes adorned with the most expensive decorations and yet, still end up looking really cheap. This is because the homeowner failed to create a theme for decorating their home.

If homes are decorated with a mismatch of items that do not go well together, even if these are expensive, the overall effect will nonetheless look cheap. Related read: Is Angie’s List Worth It?

  • By adding a few plants in our home, we not only add oxygen and beauty but a quick and pleasant relief for tired eyes. Working in front  the computer for long hours is really quite tiring. A quick fix for it is to  look at a bountiful green plant for a few minutes. Almost immediately, eye- fatigue can be relieved. Amazingly, indoor plants can really wonders.
  • Setting a bowl of candy near the entrance door is a nice way to welcome guests. It is also a nice token for parting visitors. This simple act of thoughtfulness would sure be remembered by anyone who steps in our homes.
  • Lighting up mild-scented candles every now and then is also one easy way to make homes more homey. You will be surprised on how long the sweet scent could stay in the upholstery leaving the house smelling wonderful all the time.
  • Investing in simple yet classic-looking flower vases is also a good idea. Even the most common flower if housed in a classic vase can look rich and attractive. Flowers really liven up any space. It just makes everybody feel good.
  • If you have guests over for dinner, it is wise to play soft instrumental music in the background. The music can disappear in the conversation yet during lull time, no one will fall deaf in silence.
  • Most importantly, a home is a home when there are happy people living inside. When kids are taught to respect and acknowledge guests, everybody feels welcome. The smiles and the laughter make a home homey.
  • The most gratifying feeling is to go home to a place where you can be most relaxed. Imperfections of the structures of our home are inevitable. But the warmth and sincerity of the people can make up for all the imperfections. Related read: Use an Angie’s List Promo Code and save
  • No need to invest on luxurious and expensive things to make our homes homey. Changes big or small, if done with utmost sincerity is bound to bring out the best of the home. Of course, all these stem from the loving and caring relationships of the people who call it home.

Care to share some tips on making your home more homey?

13 thoughts on “Tips To Make Your Home More Homey

  1. I was able to find an amazing interior decorator on Angie’s List. She got my home to look a lot more homey and the best part of it all was that I didn’t have to spend a lot.

    1. As a member of Angie’s List, you can great get discounts. That’s pretty good. It’s uncomfortable to haggle for a discount on your own.

  2. I like the idea of adding a bowl of candies somewhere within the entrance area. That really is a great way to welcome the guest. The colors and sweetness of the candies give a warm welcome.

  3. I am prepping my house for Halloween. I love doing it because it’s something my kids look forward to. I might need some kind of carpenter to help me with some decorations. But I’m not exactly sure as to what kind of carpenter I need. He must be somebody that’s experienced in making wooden fixtures that are functional at the same time, decorative. I hope I can find him on AL.

  4. Great tips you have there 🙂 They’re very simple but they do make sense. You’re right that we don’t need to invest a lot of money to make our home homey.

  5. My daughter loves to paint. I have been framing her paintings and displaying them in the living room. Her paintings have liven up our living room.

  6. I may complain about how noisy the kids are from time to time. But when they’re not home, I feel the emptiness. Our house is a home because of the kids.

  7. Food makes our home really homey. I always make sure we have a lot of food in the house. We have a modest home but somehow, the friends of my kids love to stay over.

  8. Flowers and laughter do wonders to make a home more homey and comfortable. Nothing can beat the positive effects of flowers and laughter. That’s why I always make sure to bring home flowers for my wife.


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