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We here at HomeownersLife.com are devoted to help homeowners find the most suitable service provider and contractor for their home repair needs. The information provided here is for you to access as long as you agree with our terms and conditions.

How To Use Our Website

HomeownersLife.com is a website you where you can find doable ideas on home repair and maintenance. It’s a good resource for homeowners like you that want to keep a close watch on every dollar. You can make use of the materials here but you agree to do your own research to corroborate whatever information we impart here.

Should you need to use our materials in public, you agree to get with us first. You need to ask our permission if you want to post or use our materials in public or in online forums. We own the rights of all the articles posted on HomeownersLife.com.

We also feature affiliate links here on our website. Please read the Disclosure on Compensated Affiliate.

However, you are not obliged to purchase or redeem whatever we have to offer here on HomeownersLife.com. You agree to conduct your own research to verify the credibility of the service provider featured here on our website.

Should you decide to use the service provider we feature here, you agree to be liable for that decision. Furthermore, any business transaction that will take place will be between you and the service provider only. HomeownersLife.com will not be answerable for any complaints that may arise.

How You Can Contact Us

You are welcome to contact us anytime. We have posted a Contact Form for you to use for that purpose. So feel free to share your ideas, experiences, and even your opinions with us. Just make sure you will communicate with us in a manner that’s most acceptable.

We do not allow racist and obscene language here. In line with that, we certainly do not allow profanities as well. HomeownersLife.com will never allow such unacceptable demeanor. You agree to keep your messages and comments related to home repair, improvement, and maintenance. Keep all that in mind in the event you want to contact us.

How You Can Stay Updated

We will be posting updates here on HomeownersLife.com. You can stay updated by visiting our terms and conditions every now and then.

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