Practical Tips For A Home Entertainment Room

A nice TV room is great for family bonding time.

Watching TV or movies at home is still one of the cheapest bonding activities for families on a tight budget. While it would be great to have an amazing home entertainment room, not a lot of families can really afford one.

Rocket prices for movie projectors, huge flat screen TVs, high quality stereo surround speakers, and other equipment can make it impossible for some to have the latest equipment for an entertainment room at home.

So for some who want to start on a modest entertainment room, it is best to invest on a decent-sized flat screen TV. Some flat screen TVs come with some free speakers. It is a good idea to explore the types of packages available. Buy a reliable DVD player with options for USB flash drives or any other external storage devices. Related read: Start fixing your home with this a promo code from Angies List.

Assigning a specific area for watching TV or movies is a challenge that can be won over with some awesome creativity. The living room or the family room can be a perfect place to set up a practical and an affordable home entertainment room. Related read: What Makes Angie’s List Worth It?

For ambiance, arrange the room with comfortable seats for everyone. Recliners are ideal but if the if the budget is tight, go for cushioned sofas with lots of pillows to throw around.

For ambiance, arrange the room with comfortable seats for everyone. Recliners are ideal but if the if the budget is tight, go for cushioned sofas with lots of pillows to throw around. Mats and bean bags are also ideal for an enjoyable  movie viewing.

Put up black-out curtains around the room. Having black-out curtains is the best way to block off lights from outside. It also ensures a cinema-like feel each time a movie is playing in the room. Black-out curtain materials need not be expensive. You can settle for plain dark fabrics combined with dark window blinds.

As finishing touches, you can add movie posters on the walls. You can find these at flea markets. The posters can add some glamorous Hollywood ambiance. Also, set up a popcorn machine and a small bar filled with everybody’s favorite juice or soda.

Gather the family and enjoy a home entertainment treat without hurting the budget.

Any tips you would like to share?

14 thoughts on “Practical Tips For A Home Entertainment Room

  1. My kids and I usually spend the weekend watching movies in my den/office. I’ve just bought a flat screen (it was on sale) and we are enjoying all the movies that we have bought online. This beats going out and spending.

  2. Our entertainment system is so simple. I connect the laptop to our television and watch a movie. I can’t afford to buy those television with large screens. We just have one that’s not too small and not too big. But I do make sure we have all the movie snacks. This makes our movie time really fun.

    1. As long as the family is together, it really doesn’t matter what size of tv you have. If you can have so much fun in a simple setting, then it seems like you have the perfect entertainment room.

  3. We can’t afford to buy a big screen at the moment. Since I have an old projector, I attach that to the laptop so we could watch a movie. We use our pristine white wall as the screen. It’s not that bad. 🙂

  4. I’ve finally decided to have an entertainment room complete with all the equipment and comfortable chairs. I am, at the moment, looking for a contractor in Angie’s List. The reviews and ratings are really helping me shape a logical decision.

  5. There are no televisions in the bedrooms in our home. Instead, we invested in a big screen and placed it in our entertainment room. That way, we could all be together to watch movies or any television shows. If we all had a television in each bedroom, we probably would not see each often.

  6. Great tips! I am going to transform one of our rooms into a movie area soon. The master’s bedroom is getting too small for all us.


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