Helpful Moving Tips I Learned From Angie’s List

Simple moving tips can help you make moving less stressful.

My new job required me to move in a new city. With all the excitement and anticipation of meeting new friends, earning more money and experiencing what another city has to offer I was clouded by moving-out anxieties. It was my first time to move out to a new place and I had no idea how to go about it.

A handful of friends had one thing to say, “Go to Angie’s List”. Heeding their advice I clicked on Angie’s List and read about tips on moving. The article 6 Tips To Control The Cost of Moving became the back bone of my task at hand. Reading the article thoroughly I was able to pick up help tips to make my moving-out experience efficient and affordable at the same time. Related Read: Save money with an Angie’s List promo code.

What helped me the most was this tip:

“Move during off-peak times. You can help lower the cost of moving by choosing a departure date after the first of the month and before its last ten days. This latter period tends to be the busiest for moving companies, who may charge more. Also avoid the summer months, which tend to be busy as well.”

I made calls to moving companies and moving schedules did matter in costing. I chose a cheaper day to move and that alone saved me valuable dollars.

Another useful tip was:

“Pack it up. Instead of having the movers gather and box your things, take the initiative to do it yourself, especially if you are planning to leave or sell your furniture. Check with grocery stores or friends for leftover boxes to defray packing costs.”

Weeks before my move my weekends were spent on carefully packing and labeling boxes. Before moving day came I was ready.

The article reminded me on the best way to cut moving costs – deduct the moving cost to my company. I definitely fit the bill in what the article said.

“Deduct it! You can deduct the cost of moving for many job-related transitions, provided you move within a year after you start your new job and that the move is at least 50 miles farther away from your old house than your old office was. Additionally, you must have been working full-time for at least 39 weeks during the year prior to your arrival in the new location.”

With the help of this article and by using Angie’s List to find a legitimate mover I was able to transfer to my new home effortlessly and with extra money to comb the new city.

Would you like to share some home moving tips? Do you plan to use Angie’s List to find moving services? Feel free to share your thoughts.

15 thoughts on “Helpful Moving Tips I Learned From Angie’s List

  1. I have been with Angie’s List for about a year now so I’ve never had to ask around for any kind of service I need around the house or for any where else. Your friends are right to tell you to get with Angie’s List instead of asking around.

  2. You can find more than just moving tips on Angie’s List. From home improvement to auto repair tips, you can find them all on Angie’s List.

  3. There are lots of perks that come with being an Angie’s List. Finding the right company is just one of them. I get a lot of useful information from their magazine as well.

  4. I’m not really looking forward to moving but it’s good to know that I can always turn to angie’s list when the time has come for me to move. I don’t think I can handle that all by myself.

  5. Moving is a major task. It’s not something that can be rushed. It’s a must to really get to know the moving company first. The best way to do that is by reading the reviews of other people. This is why I really find the services of angie’s list very useful.

  6. Finding a mover isn’t easy because it’s not a regular service that we need all the time. It’s really a one-shot deal. We really need to choose well. This is the part where AL comes in very handy. For services that we don’t usually need on a regular basis, it’s best to read all the reviews first.

  7. I need a reliable mover. I can’t afford to entrust all our things to a mover that doesn’t have a good track record. The only way for me to know more about a mover is by reading their reviews on angie’s list.

  8. I don’t really enjoy packing things up. The process of putting everything in boxes and suitcases is such a hassle. I would rather hire some kind of mover to do that for me.

  9. It takes a lot of planning to get things moving. Moving is NOT just about packing up and moving. The best way to start of this journey is by finding a moving company that’s certified by the American Moving & Storage Association.

  10. Moving really entails serious planning. It’s really not just about packing up and getting everything in a vehicle. It’s more than that. We are moving next year and as early as now, I am carfully laying out the plan. The first thing I did was to get on angie’s list to see which moving company can help us.

  11. Nowadays, you can buy some big boxes in the grocery store. You can use these boxes to pack up everything. It’s really important to pack up before the mover comes. This way all you have to worry about is getting all the boxes in the truck.


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